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Links Page

Here are a number of links to other sites. I have grouped them kinda by subject..if you have a site and want me to post a link..send me info and if I like what I see I might put it here.

Outdoors stuff

Graybeardoutdoors.com is a fun outdoor site with a really killer links page for anything sporting. I hunt with TC Contenders and they have several pages devoted to TC and handgun hunting. www.graybeardoutdoors.com

TC arms...what can I say other than I enjoy their products. www.tcarms.com

Thompson Center Association...collectors of TC stuff and guns... www.thompsoncenterassoc.com

Music stuff

Del Suggs is a friend of mine from Tallahassee Fla. I met him when he came and played at GSW while I was a student there and have kinda kept up with him ever since. He has been inducted into the Campus Entertainment Hall of Fame if that will tell you anything. His music is a blend of folk, country and rock (he calls it saltwater..I agree)and always tells a great story. Check his site for a concert near you..go, you won't be disappointed. www.saltwatermusic.com

Other stuff

Search Engines

SearchHippo.com....search engine..fast and furious...only the important stuff is their motto. SearchHippo.com Web Search

Spin Your Search

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