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What is ministry? Ministry is giving of everything of yourself without expecting anything..not a peep, not a thankyou. You do it out of love..for nothing else. Jesus told us that the first and greatest commandment was to love God our father with all our heart and soul and strength. But he then added that the second greatest commandment was to love our neighbors as ourselves and that all the laws and teaching of the prophets hung on these two commandments. Powerful stuff.

My family and friends have been involved in various areas of ministry at home and abroad. You can see a difference in people when you give them your all..expecting nothing. I am not saying that we are perfect. God uses us, imperfect vessles, to do his perfect will here on earth. I invite you to find where God would have you become involved in your life as a ministry.

First question though. Do you know Him? Do you know Jesus as your personal saviour. Do you know He came, died and then arose from the grave to take away your sin? What is sin? Anything that is contrary to the will of God. God is perfect and can't look upon sin..so we needed a sacrifice to cleanse us from sin. Jesus was that sacrifice...perfect. Anymore questions contact me. I would love to go over the plan of salvation as God has put in his word with you.

Ministry is not a mission trip, although that can be ministry. Ministry is not preaching from a pulpit, but it certainly can be. Ministry is not teaching a Sunday school class, but it can be. What is ministry then? It is as I stated before...letting God use you for the spreading of His word and will. Cooking in a kitchen for homeless people can be a ministry..if you do it for the Glory of God. Scrubbing floors at a neady persons house can be a ministry...if you do it for the Glory of God. Are you catching on? People go on mission trips...but if their heart is not in the right place it is just action. People preach from pulpits..but if their heart is not right it is just words. People can teach Sunday School..but if their heart is not in it for God..then it is just a lesson. As the Bible says, do all things for the Glory of God..that is ministry. If you approach it with that attitude, the you will reflect the love of God. Interesting isn't it.

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Over the past seven years we have been going to Cherokee NC and doing short term mission work with MTW. The main focus has been the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indian Nation. We have truly been blessed by the friendships and good times God has allowed us to make there. If your church is considering a mission trip...check out the MTW site and get info on their ministry oportunities.

Mission To The World

A number of our friends have been involved with the Navigators. This is a real neat ministry where people go and teach people to disciple. They have short and intermediate term missions all over the world.

The Navigators

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