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Music Page

I enjoy music. Listening to it, playing it, writing it..you name it. If I could quit my day job...music is what I would do. God has given me and my wife a gift in this area...we love to sing and praise His name. We have had a lot of fun over the years working with kids and leading worship. We have also sang for get togethers and such, doing all kinds of songs, old and new. Several years ago we sang for a Valentines party and did a medley of old love songs and such. Several older couples came forward after we sang and said that they were singing those songs when they were dating in the 1930's and 40's and that it brought back memories. That is what our singing is about. Whether it is just me singing, or my wife and I, we want to touch people in a way that they remember. Remember us, remember good times, or remeber and reflect on God as our Saviour. I hope you can relate to our music in some way.

I have been and am actively writing music....although with kids I don't get to do it as much as I would like too. On this page are several that I have written, either by myself or with others. I currently have about 5 songs in the pipeline and hope to record some more soon. I do my recording at my house using a small set of home studio gear. I hope to gradually upgrade my equipment and produce better quality stuff. So, don't expect my stuff to sound like a million bucks, cause I don't have that..but it does sound passable. Download and enjoy. If you would like to know when I update my page with new music send me your email address and I will let you know.

Go'in Home

Here is the first effort that my friends and I made to record an orginal tune. Bob, Mark and I wrote this one and recorded it. I am singing vocals, playing one guitar part and keyboard bass. Bob Sawyer plays lead and Mark Kelly recorded it. It was fun..still is. Very classic rockish sounding...if I had a British accent you would think it was the 60's. We thought is was good at the time.

go'in home

Days of Youth

I wrote this one in 2000. Is a reflection on how we look back as we grow up and think what could have been. Kind of a meloncoly feel to it in some ways. But to me it is a good analysis of what I hear people say about if they knew then what they know now. I wrote, recorded and produced this one. Wish I had had a better drum machine at the time though.

days of youth

So I Send You

So I Send You was written for the 2002 missions conference at our church. Couldn't find a song to do, so I wrote one. It is dedicated to Dr. Buzz Beauchamp and Ronny Starling for their work at the CCCD(Caribean Christian Center for the Deaf) in Jamacia. Ronny and Patricia are going there full time as soon as they raise support(contact me about that and I will give you more details). My wife got a keyboard for Christmas..figured I would use it for the marambas and percussion.

so i send you

Forever and Amen

Forever and Amen is the first song I recorded using F A Soft N-Track multitrack studio for Windows. This version was converted to MP3 and will mostlikely be re-equalized again later. This song is a good praise song that was just fun to record.

Forever and Amen

Sacrificial Lamb

Sacrificial Lamb was written for Christmas 2003. I enjoyed doing this song, as it has a lot of meaning and feeling in it. I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me recording it.

Sacrificial Lamb

My Heart is Steadfast

Written November 2003, recorded in Jan 2004. Based off of Psalm 108. Accordian part was supplied by Mac via the internet...just love Hard disk recording, since you can collab with anybody anywhere. I played the guitar, bass and did the vocals. My cousin Mark Wiggins says it has a good "cajungrass" feel to it. I was thinking contemporary and the song wasn't..but I like the results. My folk/country roots seem to be coming out in this one. Enjoy!


Perfect Lamb Of God

Written Febuary 2004, recorded in April 2004. Another Folky tune. Lyrics draw on all kinds of stuff and are based on my desire to praise God. Harmonies sound really good.


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Here are links to a few cool music sites... A good recording forum where you can learn a lot!..www.audiominds.com


FaSoft N-Track...the PC based recording software I use.


Del Suggs is a friend of mine from Talley. Check out his site...he is an inductee into the Campus Entertainment Hall of Fame if that tells you anything.


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